Wow. Look how well we’re doing! 3rd in the medals table behind China and the USA. This time four years ago in Beijing we had less medals than we do now! Britain has been utterly dominant in the Velodrome, in the rowing. But also now in the shooting and the road cycling. New things that are starting to come to fruition.

We’re all shouting at the screens for sports we usually wouldn’t be that bothered about. Isn’t that such a good thing?! It”s bringing the country together for something so very positive and good. Rather than the population focusing on the bad things, we all now have a common cause to celebrate.

Is it me, or is this a genuine observation? But I think there are more people cycling and running. People being inspired by our Olympic heroes to get into the various sports they represent. Maybe it’s just me noticing it more because the Olympics are on.

Hopefully our athletes are going to continue to do us proud and win plenty more golds in the next week or so. I think there is a bit more of a positive vibe about the country now we have something to celebrate and boast about. Long may it continue!