John Fredericks has been in business for over four decades. Lets face it, in this business, that is one hell of a long time. Most other struggle to get past 20 years in continuous business. After dealing with John Fredericks ourselves for nearly three decades, it is clear that their client support is one of the reasons why their customer base and reputation has remained strong all these years.

Fredericks has a keen sense of effort when it comes to product quality. They use the well respected Halo and Eurocell profiles, both very popular, both quality. If you’re an installer looking to make a mark in your local area based on quality, it is a fabricator who uses quality products in the first place that is going to help you do that.

But as well as product quality, Fredericks has always strived to make and maintain a close relationship with their clients. There is nothing worse than buying from a supplier and you only hear from your sales rep once every six months! How else are you supposed to know about new product options and innovations? You need a fabricator that is going to keep you up to date with new and exciting reasons to keep buying from them. This is something John Fredericks really does focus on.

On Fredericks’ Client Support page on their brand new website, they make three clear points when it comes to supporting the business who buy from them:

  • We have a business development and marketing team that are dedicated to helping you grow your business.
  • We have a production team that understands that you need to keep your customers happy.
  • We have one of the best looking and most secure product ranges on the market which comes complete with its own top quality and unique hardware range.

Having someone reliable and trustworthy in this industry is difficult, that is why a business like John Fredericks is a good choice when it comes to finding a quality supplier that is going to help you be as successful as possible.

If you’re in the market for a new fabricator and have been impressed with John Fredericks’ credentials above, or their range of high quality PVCu products, call 01422 314100, email or catch them on Twitter: @jfplastics or @NewbuildsNo1