It’s been a month or two now since Ultraframe launched what they called was their ‘game changing’ product. So, since the launch, how has the industry received this new innovation?

Well after the first impressions, feedback was good. After speaking to those who attended the presentation in Birmingham, many were impressed with the looks of the product, the relative ease in which it can be fitted and it’s thermal properties. A few had some questions to ask about it, but I reckon a good 80% thought it was good enough to add to their portfolios. Though I think the main concern was that the Loggia was only going to be suitable for certain properties. It certainly wouldn’t look right on a terraced house or a standard 3-bed semi.

So after the main presentation, the Ultraframe staff’s priorities turned to getting these Loggia’s into people’s showrooms. Everyone was in agreement, if this was to work and take off, Ultraframe needed to get these into people’s showrooms/show sites both quickly and cheaply. I think if most companies were going to get a Loggia, a lot, like us, were going to convert one of their existing conservatories into an orangery, which means updating the brickwork, flooring, install new windows, probably a bi-fold etc. It would involve a whole new building. No point bodging a Loggia on a knackered old structure. It would also mean that the company would be putting a lot of money into re-building the old conservatory. So these new Loggias were either going to have to come from Ultraframe for free, or very cheaply if they were to encourage businesses to put them in their show sites. However, on personal experience, this has not been the case.

Our rep from Ultraframe came back to us with a totally ridiculous price, we were originally quoted over £6k for a new roof and abutments and posts. Add that on top of what it would cost for new building work, new windows and a new bi-fold, for us, it was simply too much. This was after we were assured we would be helped out on price. £6k is not help. The price has since come down, but not enough to encourage to get one.

Now this is just our position, what I do not know is how many other companies have actually bought one or plan to buy one. I do know that there is the option of the money being refunded after a certain amount of sales. But if that number is over 5 Loggias then it’s not worth it. What would be good to know is how many of you have actually ordered one and on what terms you have agreed on for it.

If the Loggia is to rejuvenate the conservatory market, it is going to have to be pushed by companies who have it in their show sites. But the price has to be low enough for companies to want to get one. If they’re not, then it’s going to really struggle to make any waves in our industry at all.