Today I spent a great day with my very special lady that is @SophiiMaria13 in Blackpool. Now I haven’t been to Blackpool in about 6 years. The last time I went I remember bird and horse shit all over the roads and the pavements. I remember the beaches being dug up to put in enormous rusty red new sea front defences. I remember the awful mushy green trams and old tacky illuminations.

But I am glad to report that Blackpool is now a massively different place. The North side has benefitted from many millions of pounds of investment and it really tells. Art deco pedestrianised areas, an art gallery, brand new trams, no horse or bird shit to avoid, new shops, new hotels and one absolutely outstanding reason to look down at the floor! I’m going to leave it at that as I think you should go and see that reason for yourself. It’s right opposite the Blackpool tower, you cant miss it!

Now, bringing it back to windows. One thing I did notice was that all along the sea front, almost all the windows were PVC. I have spent a decent amount of time in Aberystwyth in Wales, on the coast and the buildings there were nearly all wood and aluminium. The problem with PVC in coastal areas is the degradation. The salt air is very harsh on the materials and makes it look very run down and dirty very quickly. The salt in the air gets into all the moving and working parts so handles, hinges and locks suffer as well. The right sort of timber or aluminium windows and doors are far more suited to coastal areas as they cope with the salt air better.

As many will know, I have been the champion of PVC on this blog, but as recent debates on here have pointed out, every area has it’s own material. For the mass majority of properties in this country, PVC windows will suit absolutely fine, but as I am seeing more and more, aluminium and timber simply do a better job when right on the coast.

One thing I might add is that there are quite a few PVC double glazing companies in Blackpool which might go some way to explain the huge number of sea front buildings with PVC windows and doors. Still, this doesn’t cover up the fact that it’s not the right choice in materials!