So, This Is Christmas?

This is a guest article by Deceuninck UK MD Rob McGlennon: January and February can be bleak. That’s not only because of ‘Dry January’ or new year diets but also because the streets are lined with the casualties of Christmas – Christmas trees. Every year it strikes me that it’s a slightly depressing sight. [...]

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PVC In 10 Years

Times they are a changing. These are just a few of my thoughts on where PVC in the fenestration industry will be in a decades time. I might be wrong, but these are just predictions based on what is going on right now. New Look PVCu profiles as we know will be starting to change [...]

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PVC Blamed For Fire. Again!

I'm sure many of you will remember the terrible tragedy that occurred in Camberwell in London in 2009. 6 people were killed in an awful blaze at a block of flats in the town, including a child just 20 days old. I'm certain all of us would agree that we all wish never to see something like [...]

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Hope For PVC And Councils Yet!

Our lovely little industry has been bashed a bruised a little bit over the last couple of weeks from stories of stubborn councils and blatant pain-in-the-assery from groups like English Heritage and the National Trust. However, it appears that this grey cloud might have a silver lining! In the form of Brighton & Hove Council... [...]

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Our Industry Is Evolving

Today (18th October) I attended a seminar hosted by John Fredericks. Now I have been told that I am not to give away much until the last of the three planned seminars is over, which will be next Thursday. Then I think I can talk about anything I want. But what I can say is [...]

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The Right Material In The Right Place

Today I spent a great day with my very special lady that is @SophiiMaria13 in Blackpool. Now I haven't been to Blackpool in about 6 years. The last time I went I remember bird and horse shit all over the roads and the pavements. I remember the beaches being dug up to put in enormous [...]

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Door-Stop Reply To Solidor

Well it seems a response has prompted a response. The 'energetic' discussions about the state of the PVC door panel sector have continued as MD of Door-Stop International Nick Dutton has responded to a reply from Gareth Mobley (spelled correctly this time) which was prompted by Nick's initial comments about the state of the sector [...]

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Is The PVCu Industry Sustainable?

Over the last couple of days on Twitter there has been some excellent debate about which material is best when it comes to fenestration. There have been good arguments for both PVCu and aluminium, which was then expanded to timber as well with an excellent comment from Peter Dyer. But there was a tweet from [...]

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PVCu vs Aluminium

This is probably one of the greatest debates in our industry, and probably will be until the day we all retire! Is PVCu better than Aluminium? Me, @NigelGrantUpvc, @AlumTradeSupply and @LegacyWindows have been having an argument (debate) on the pros and cons of PVCu windows vs Aluminium. Both materials have their pro's and cons and [...]

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>PVCu Windows Overseas

> Despite the mass availability of PVCu and it's endless recycle life, PVCu windows are really only a market that exists in the UK, Germany and...well...that's about it really. Apparently there are a few PVCu/vinyl windows knocking about America. I'm sure that some of my American friends who follow this blog will be able to [...]

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>Aluminium Making A Colourful Comeback

>For many years PVCu has been top of the pile when it comes to materials choice for replacement windows and doors. But thanks to the recession and the inherent need for businesses to diversify and find niche areas of the market to squeeze extra money out of.  Over the last couple of years, aluminium seems [...]

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>More Doors

>Let me ask you a question: did you find that you sold more doors than normal?I sold A LOT of doors during the second half of 2011. Maybe people were prioritizing doors above windows as they see doors as more of a security risk. Maybe there were more knackered old doors that needed replacing than [...]

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>Money For Old Frames

>Eurocell have just opened their £3 million brand spanking new recycling centre in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. The facility is capable of processing 12,000 post consumer waste frames per week, adding up to an impressive 624,000 frames per year. This massive new operation put them at the forefront of PVCu recycling in the UK.In an industry which [...]

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>Bad National Press

>I was alerted the other day to a post from the online edition of The Telegraph. The post centers around a question posed by a reader, in which they ask which scheme is the best for replacement windows. The following reply then goes on to explain that window companies don't have to be affiliated with any [...]

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>It’s PVCu, But Not As We Know It!

>PVCu recycling has been around in the industry for a few years now. Some post consumer waste goes towards being made into things such as insulation and other similar things. Some post consumer waste goes back into making new PVCu frames. So what direction does the industry need to take when it becomes too expensive and [...]

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>How Long Left For PVCu Panelled Doors?

>Until the arrival of companies like Door-Stop, composite doors were still very much a niche market product, very expensive and unknown to the general public.But now with many more manufacturers involved in the composite door market, the product is now very much a mainstay of the industry. They've lowered in price, there are dozens of [...]

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