I was updating our stats, facts and figures for the company the other day and was rather excited when I looked back to previous years!

When we set our target at the end of 2011, based on industry predictions and UK economy predictions, we set them not much higher than 2011’s results. How wrong we were! We’ve had our best year for 5 years and looks like November this year will be our best November ever!

So sales have been good. Revenue is up, conversion rates are up, profit margins (I think) are up. So we’ve got some really good momentum. The mood in camp is really good at the moment. I was speaking to one of the team at John Fredericks who supply our windows and doors and the general feeling is that the industry has weathered the worst of the storm and it might be turning the corner. We firmly believe the same.

At the end of this year we are making some real changes around our place. We’ve ordered a raft of new entrance doors, which are currently flying off the shelves, for the showroom. We’re having a total revamp upstairs! We’re always tinkering with the showroom, making sure it’s kept up to date. But this time round it’s going to be a big reshuffle. Stuff being moved and removed all over the place to make room for the new products that are really helping boost our business! The same also goes for our outdoor conservatory show site. We’ve got 2 new roofs and a Loggia coming from Ultraframe which are going to replace two of our older current conservatories. Both glass roofs, bi-folds, new wood grain colours etc – it’s going to look the nuts! We’re also overhauling our internal internet system to upgrade it to a much more improved power, range and signal with new large internal server, new machines and internal systems. New tech to help aid our expanding range of products and internet options. Though I will admit that I have been slacking over the last few months with the company website. We have been focusing more on our product options and sales. Though I will say now that come the new year, I am going to make sure our business has a much more improved internet presence both on the conventional internet and social media!

It’s not just our suppliers that think we’re turning a corner. The mood around the office and all the staff have noticed a much improved year and there has been a real buzz around the office these past few months during our busy summer period. It’s been a while since we have seen genuine optimism!

I really do think that our industry is turning a corner. Research and development teams are in full flow right now and we are seeing the benefits with a much wider range of different products and specs and the quality of them is just fantastic. Many others are reporting records falling. I just wish our very bad habit of forcing prices down would bloody stop! Oh well, can’t have everything I suppose!

So 2013, especially the start of the year, looks like a year which could be an absolute stormer! The leads are still coming in well given the time of year. Contract values are really healthy, both our conservatory show site and indoor windows and doors showroom is going to look sparkling fresh and new when we open the doors again for the New Year. The industry seems far more positive now and the buying public seem a lot more enthusiastic when it comes to buying new windows and doors compared to a few years ago. 2012 has been our best year for five years, but both me and the rest of the team are getting a little bit giddy at the prospect of 2013 being possibly one of our best years ever!

I really hope my optimism isn’t just reserved for me and that a lot of you are also looking forward to 2013 because of how positive this year has been compared to initial predictions right at the start of the year!