First of all, yes we have tweaked the name slightly. It was decided that changing ‘Real Fenestration Awards’ to ‘National Fenestration Awards’ would make the whole thing feel more UK wide and inclusive of everyone. So that’s what we’ve done! So we’ll be referring to these as the NFA’s from now on.

Myself and Nick (@AlumTradeSupply) are happy to report that things are moving at a brisk pace and the foundations are being laid to what we hope will be a great celebration of our best companies and our best people. And hopefully some of the guys in the background who really do work their backsides off for our industry!

So, while Nick and myself continue to build and create the industry’s first open, voted by you awards for everyone in our sector, we would also like your input at this stage.

We have been working on what award categories there should be but we would also like your input to any particular categories you would like to see, you’d nominate someone for and so forth. It doesn’t matter if you state the obvious ones – what we intend to do from the outset is get the industry participating.

We would also like to know what you guys think. You, the people reading this, are going to be the ones deciding who wins and loses in this voting process so we think it will be great for you all to put forward suggestions as to what awards you think we should be giving!

We welcome any suggestions! Any awards that you think the industry is missing out on, please let us know! Your best suggestions will go on our growing list and all being well will make it to the final awards. The more ideas the better, so please leave your comments below and once we’ve made some final decisions, we will be letting you all know what awards are up for grabs.

P.S. here’s the logo we’ve chosen that will also be replicated in some stunning 3d glass trophies