As we all look at the way we do business and look at every avenue in which we can streamline our days and companies, the way in which we interact as an industry is changing now.

One of the best example I can give is seminars/product launches. I remember one of my first a few years ago, just as that Icelandic volcano brought Europe to a standstill. It was for John Fredericks and it was held at The Belfry. They were announcing a raft of new products and services. It was well attended. As part of the whole event, people were invited to stay overnight, enjoy some entertainment, food and drink. It was a longish day with a heavy night afterwards.

However the latest seminar I went to lasted until just after lunch and then we made our way back to the office. It was held in a hotel so the chance to stay in a nice room and enjoy good food was there, however the event didn’t have that sort of focus. It was short, swift and to the point so it let everyone get out in good time to go back to work. Massive difference to just a few years ago. And to be honest, it’s right that it’s like this now.

Our industry has done well to weather what was a massive economic storm and we now seemed to have turned a corner. But we didn’t do it wining and dining at every opportunity. We all buried our heads at work and got on with diversifying and working out how the whole ship wasn’t going to sink. It meant that plush seminars and shows were put on the back burner. No more days out.

The only days out left now seem to be the big established ones like the dealership networking treats, G-Awards and the odd exhibition. Would I like to see a return to lavish days out put on by suppliers? Honestly, not really. I prefer to spend my time at the office or out selling trying to make the most money I can for the company and myself. These events have never really been all that important to me. Yes it’s a good chance to catch up with the industry and ‘rub shoulders’ and so on. But I can take them or leave them. I believe our industry is at it’s best when it’s in full swing and totally concentrated on the job in hand.

This is just my young person’s view of it all. Those of you who have been in the industry for over 20 years might not agree with me and think that these events are good for us. If so, feel free to splash a comment on down below!