UAP have started boosting their presence online by adding a raft of new videos to the most popular video service on Earth that is YouTube!

Here’s an example, their latest video:

[youtube_video id=”hxFjRglHAR0″]

The videos are well put together, professional and informative. One of the problems with video clips is that they take some time to get to the important informative bits and the rest of the videos are filled with crap you don’t need to know or listen to. These videos tell you what you need to know, why they’re good and what they’re good for.

The UAP channel itself is relatively new but it has already gained around 12,500 views in total so far. If you subscribe to their channel you’ll be able to see any new video immediately that has been uploaded.

A video channel is a lot of work. It needs constantly looking after, editing, tweaking here and tweaking there. But when it is done right, which I think UAP have, it’s a brilliant medium in which to get good information on products, services, hints and tips and so on, to the locksmithing trade and potentially the main consumer base.

The UAP Video channel already has 30 useful videos on their various products but also demonstrations on how they work. This is one thing that YouTube is seriously useful for. Describing a product on a page with just text and the odd image is OK, but if you’re selling tools and hardware, people will probably want to see how it works so that they don’t hit any problems when they try the products themselves. This is why UAP’s videos with products demonstrations are going to be useful tools for both the trade and the buying public.

UAP’s channel on YouTube can be found here:

The channel will be updated on a regular basis so make sure to subscribe and keep checking for new videos!