Yes, what you see above is exactly what the title of this posts says it is! It’s a flat pack house. Tesco’s answer to the housing crisis. Well, hopefully not!

It’s called a Finnlife cabin and measures 32ft by 16ft 1o in. It’s constructed from 44mm thick tongue-and-grooved board which slot together. It has double glazing and outdoor decking. Pay a bit more than the £9,999 starting price and you can include underfloor heating, laminate flooring and guttering!

Seems easy enough. But this still requires some groundwork. Tesco have said that this structure will require either foundations or at the very least deep gravel for the mini-house to sit on. So not just a case of buy, build then live.

Tesco thinks that the cabin will serve as an extension type build, rather than be a home. If the housing market doesn’t improve soon, I might have to buy one of these just so I can move out!

Honestly, nice idea, nice novelty, but I really can’t see many of these being bought. That £10k would be far better spent going towards a conservatory or extension. Not a micro-home.