[youtube_video id=”NqGREFEbHgU”]

The GGF has long had criticism as to why they exist. They often get questioned as to what they do and what benefits they bring to our industry. They have been accused of many things, often by myself! Well the video above aims to dispel any myths that people might think about the organisation and put them back on the right track.

Whilst I do think that the GGF does do some very important work behind the scenes that many of us never get to witness, there are disadvantages which does hold the organisation back. Pricing for one. It isn’t cheap being a member of the GGF. Our industry is only just getting back on its feet, and the idea of paying out a fairly decent chunk of money (not sure on the exact figures) doesn’t appeal to many companies. Also, I think the point about the GGF accreditation helping secure extra business is slightly stretched. I think on a business to business level it does help manufacturers secure new business. But when it comes to installers, the GGF label is massively unknown to the general public. A badge or label only carries credibility with the general public if it is greatly known and understood. Unfortunately, the GGF badge doesn’t carry that much importance with the consumer…in my opinion anyway. What does tune in well with the consumer is the FENSA logo. Customers are far more aware of FENSA and what it does, therefore I think that if any badge is going to have credibility it is that one.

The video however I think is a useful little tool for the GGF to point people to when they are questioned on their existence and what they are here for. I shall be visiting this video probably once a week myself!