The FIT Show is coming up in the middle of April. It seems such a long time ago since the industry’s newest trade show was announced, but we’re now just four months away from seeing what our industry and associated industries have to offer us. UAP will be there, showing off their brand new range of security hardware…as well the latest superhero mascot!



This funky looking guy above is called Max and will be showing up as part of the overall branding for UAP’s official launch of the MAX6MUM SECURITY range.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY range consists of a variety of products that a homeowner or installations company can buy to upgrade the security of their existing doors and their home. UAP are that confident of their products that they have launched their own promise of £2500 towards the value of their property if a burglar manages to bump the lock and the insurance company won’t pay out. To be fair to UAP, they are really putting their money where their mouth is and showing great and total faith in the products that they sell.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY range of products consists of UAP’s very own Zero Lift anti-bump anti-everything cylinder, letterplates, door viewers and door chains. Best thing, they’re all available on next day delivery if you order it before 3pm.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY range offers installers and consumers everything they need to make doors MAX6MUM SECURITY. Visitors to the FIT Show will be able to try the new MAX6MUM SECURITY handles and cylinders with patented design to give a TS007; 2012 three star security rating.

MAX6MUM SECURITY products have their own branding and come in high impact yellow and black packaging, the range will be fronted by the mascot above, Max, who is the face of MAX6MUM SECURITY. The hope is that UAP’s range will get that message of security to people in various DIY and home improvements stores across the UK, as well as helping installers produce a high security door without the high price tag.

MD of UAP David Jennings commented: “Security is top of the agenda for homeowners when they’re buying new doors. That’s why we’ve created MAX6MUM SECURITY. We are launching MAX6MUM SECURITY as a retail brand to bring the security message to every home in the UK. It will also give door manufacturers and installers a big selling point. We’re looking forward to showing the complete range of products at the FIT Show.”

This is the point here. By creating a brand that will become recognized by much of the UK (hopefully), it gives installers an advantage to sell the range as it can be something the customer can relate to and know the products are worth the purchase. The idea of the mascot is clever too. By creating an superhero looking character it again creates a brand awareness for the product that can work well with installers pushing the high security message to potential clients.

If the MAX6MUM SECURITY range is something you want to be able to start selling with your doors, see the contact details below:

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