Life as a fitter, surveyor, salesman and office worker..

In other words a One Man Band (OMB)! First off OMB`S haven’t ruined the double glazing industry! This is all I ever hear from the SME’s and nationals:

“It’s the OMB`s fault” because of our:

“Cowboy reputation”– Well I point my finger at the nationals for this one. Bully boy sales reps and a very poor after sales care!!

If I do get a call about a snag, soon as I’ve finished my days fitting I will go and sort the problem out. We live off our repetition, word of mouth is king for the OMB. I guarantee ALL my work, no exceptions! No fancy written contract…TO WORM MY WAY OUT!

“Prices been driven down”– again the nationals and SME’s are the ones with 30/50% sales, on most of the year! I give a quote and thats what it is. Doesn’t matter if my quote is under the others. I have lower overheads. Get over it! You have your showrooms to impress with.

Another bug bear is suppliers. I’ve told one of my suppliers at least twice about things not working or future problems that could happen when they released new products. Even went to see the BOSS! All I got was a wry smile , a look of “what does a OMB know” and the words: “none of our big buyers have complained.”

Both times within 12 months the product gets changed / updated as they have started to receive complaints…

But what really p****s me off is the none tax paying, none VAT paying low lives that aren’t even in a CPS, that everybody chooses to ignore, going round fitting windows. FENSA/Certass and the local govt are you listening?

I’ve always wanted Nigel to put a guest post on here as he is probably the most active and popular OMB on Twitter and I know he has a good following. He does raise some good points above. The point about the showrooms is a good one and something I think all of us with them seem to forget from time to time.

I know this is going to clash with some of you so please leave a comment below!