To those of you who deal with commercial work like council housing, flats and private estates, this is probably going to be of interest to you.

UAP are now offering full and highly secure Master Key Suites “off the shelf”. The ‘Off the Shelf” range will include their most popular sized cylinders. That means if you order a suite of keys from the “Off the Shelf” range before 3pm, they will be delivered the next day. Bear in mind that suited mastered systems can take on average a week, this is impressive. It was already something of a feat when UAP reduced it to three days. But with lead times for almost everything coming down, a one day delivery time is going to be useful for those with large contracts and demanding customers.

Master Suited Keys

As I have mentioned in an earlier post on this site, lowering lead times risks compromising on quality, so UAP have to make sure that they get their Master Suite Keys spot on to make sure every customer they deliver to are happy. However, UAP are very experienced in their field and I don’t see why they won’t be able to work this smoothly into their already vast portfolio of services and products successfully.

MD of UAP David Jennings had this to say: “For master key systems lead times can vary but we believe the industry average is about 7 days. For UAP’s Master Key Suite we had already cut this to just three days and now we can deliver off the shelf next day. Customers tell us that our next day delivery service is a huge benefit. Offering the same service for Master Key Suites will be a real help for door manufacturers too.”

The cylinders UAP use for this service are their tried and tested quality UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinders which are both BSI and Secured By Design approved. The UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinders are both anti-snap and anti-bump, so quality against burglars is there. Important if you’re a company that is dealing with hotels, social housing, private estates and so on.

To find out more about UAP Master Key Suite or anything else UAP has to offer, contact the sales team on 0161 796 7268