I was sent a link to this article a couple of days ago: http://www.the-glazine.com/WeeklyFolders/glazine26february2013/The_British_Woodworking.html

Basically, the BWF is saying that thanks to the Government not introducing a new tax on wood waste to landfill, thanks to new information showing that waste material actually making it to landfill was less than originally thought. DEFRA said that introducing a new tax now would create unnecessary extra pressure on businesses now when the time is not right. I agree…partly.

Now I know the BWF is doing some very hard work to make sure their section of the industry is being as green, energy efficient and climate friendly as they possibly can. And they have to be applauded for that. But what frustrates me is that no recognition is given to any of the other factors contributing to less wood going to landfill. More specifically, the PVC industry.

I am a believer that each material has it’s own place within fenestration. But I am also a firm believer that the introduction of PVC has meant that the homeowner now has a good economical alternative that is taking the pressure off wooden window production and has fone for 30 years. The recent timber-alternative products from Residence 9, Evolution and others has meant that the consumer can choose from a genuinely timber looking product, with all the benefits of PVC.

Don’t get me wrong. PVC isn’t the right material choice for every property in the UK. But what I think it is time for is other fenestration related bodies like the BWF and others, to recognise that other materials like aluminium, steel and PVC do also bring their own benefits and advantages. The PVC has learned over the years and does highlight some great timber, steel and aluminium products that are out there on the market and the advantages they bring. But I really do think that now is the time for all bodies, regulators, organisations and alliances to get together for the sake of the industry. Individually we’re strong, together we’re a goliath!