I had mentioned at the end of last Friday that it had been a punishing week. I wasn’t lying! My body is starting to show signs of tiredness. I’m running the National Fenestration Awards with my good friend @GlazingGuru, I have this site to run, I have the family business website to run and constantly update now and of course my ‘normal’ job of actually selling windows and doors to the general public. It’s taking it’s toll! But, I do enjoy everything I’m doing at the moment, so it’s worth it!

Jason Large from Simply Roofline on Twitter had asked for something specifically positive for this Monday morning, so here it is…

We’re now into March, the traditional time where our industry really does start to kick into life. You can always rely on March (almost) to bring some cheery business news to the business. The sun is starting to warm up and shine its light a bit more on our winter-weary bodies. The sun always seems to put people in a better mood. Smiles are back on people’s faces, there are springs in people’s steps and the willingness to spend a bit more money is increased which is always good news! Even better, we’re not that far away from being able to take that first sip of beer in a pub beer garden or at home after a hard days work in the middle of summer! Just imagine!

Just imagine walking in to your office, a hive of activity and imagination as your customers start to place their orders for a house full of new windows and doors. This is what the spring and summer brings and we’re right on the cusp of it. Monday’s are the start of a working week, but they’re also the start of a 7 day creationary period where anything is possible! Grab it and use it to the best of your powers!