I saw this while out and about on Sunday afternoon. Tell me what’s wrong with this image:



I hope it didn’t take many of you too long to spot it. Yes, it’s the doors on the first floor without a Juliette balcony providing that vital protection from someone falling straight out!

Now I don’t know the circumstances behind this job. The doors are new I can tell that much, but who did the job is a mystery. If it was a company that has done it, then this is appalling work and puts the lives of the occupants in the home at risk. If it was a supply only job and the homeowner fitted the doors, then it is staggering at the lack of knowledge involved in the job and the risk he/she is subjecting their family to.

If it was a supply only job, I would have liked to have thought that the company selling the doors may have inquired what it was for and would have provided some helpful information. Whoever did it should be ashamed. Even common sense would point out that something needs  to be in the way to stop the potential of someone falling! Whether you know anything about health and safety laws or not!

If this is the work of a company, if there is a way I can find out who it is I will probably report them. There isn’t even a sign that a barrier is going to be put up in it’s way. It is work like this which really does tarnish our industry with that ‘cowboy’ brush.

Anyway, rant over! Please leave your comments below!