The quality of the video isn’t the best, but bear with with, it gets going…

[youtube_video id=”Hl5NcjKuMIU”]

I was given this link to the video by a chap from Mumbai called Nasir, click his name and you’ll get him on Twitter. Basically, he works for an Indian company specializing in high rise facades that clean themselves.

He gave me a link to their Google+ page and it showed me images from their own fenestration industry event and their presentations of their product to industry attendees. It seemed to go down well. Obviously high rise facades are restricted to large commercial projects. But their very unique self-cleaning system means a very safe and long-term cost effective method of cleaning the building.

It cuts out people dangling off the sides of buildings and in cradles. I did put it to him that given our industry is looking outside these shores more recently, there might be just a sniff of a chance that if a smaller, more commercially viable option for our smaller aluminium facades in this country.

It is new innovations like this which demonstrate that Asia now has the money, the people and the energy which has pushed them to become the super powers of the world economy. I have asked Nasir to put together a guest post shedding some light on the overall Fenestration industry over there, as it would be nice to see how our brother industries are performing elsewhere in the world.

Let me know what you think, comments welcome as always!