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Funky New Cleaning System!

The quality of the video isn't the best, but bear with with, it gets going... [youtube_video id="Hl5NcjKuMIU"] I was given this link to the video by a chap from Mumbai called Nasir, click his name and you'll get him on Twitter. Basically, he works for an Indian company specializing in high rise facades that clean themselves. [...]

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>Triple Glazing

>There seems to be a bit of confusion as to the make up of the new triple glazed units due to be brought to market. So I've found two images showing the two different set up's that are being advertised. But the confusing factor here, is that the two images below are from WHS Halo, [...]

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>It’s Coming

>In the next few weeks/months it looks like we are going to see the introduction of triple glazing into the market.Triple glazing is already available in the market place, but this is a different particular breed of triple glazing. This is one made up of a double glazed unit, with a third layer of glass [...]

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