In the next few weeks/months it looks like we are going to see the introduction of triple glazing into the market.

Triple glazing is already available in the market place, but this is a different particular breed of triple glazing. This is one made up of a double glazed unit, with a third layer of glass separate to that, sitting in it’s own dedicated little cavity within the frame, with it’s own little dedicated glazing bead.

Companies like the Advance Group in Scotland have been doing this for a while now, and feedback from them seems to suggest that customers have taken to the new product positively.

Triple glazed windows are expected to have a U-value of about 0.7, much better than what is currently available from energy rated double glazed windows.

The main question is what price are these new products going to come in at. Are they going to be much more than double glazed windows? Advance Group in Scotland have said that there isn’t much difference. In fact they told me a price which seemed to me to be quite reasonable. And that is they key. Providing that they are way much more than double glazed prices, then I can see this taking off. 

We might even see companies selling triple glazing as standard providing the demand is there are the costs don’t vary too much.