Just thought I’d give you all an update on the latest goings on with Green Deal. Erm, not much to report.

We’re no well into March and we’ve not heard a peep from the Green Deal since it’s ‘launch’ at the end of January. The only worthy tit bit of news worth mentioning recently is that I saw a report which said Energy Secretary Ed Davey pledged more public awareness campaigns and cash to help boost it. But he really shouldn’t have to be making these sorts of promises as when the scheme was launched officially nearly two years ago the Government promised a thorough public awareness campaign. Not seen a single advert, radio jingle or anything trying to get the message across to the customer. So another broken promise there then!

I’m sorry, but this scheme is about as dead in the water as a dead fish in the Ganges river. Recent surveys still show that the vast majority of the public haven’t heard of the Green Deal. The scheme is roughly around two years old when you consider when the idea was first put out there. Since then, the Government has worked incredibly successfully to run what was a good idea in principle in to the ground.

What I have said before and will say again, is that the Government should have used tools already in the public domain, like VAT or WER’s to help boost the Green Industries and actually genuinely place windows and doors as a main part of that. As per usual, we have almost been left to our devices to try and muddle through.

I really do get tired of writing about the Green Deal now. As far as I’m concerned the Green Deal has come and gone and companies should just focus on the main methods of selling windows and doors and enhancing them. The current channels of purchasing windows and doors are the most recognised by the consumer and it is these we should work on.

I may leave the Green Deal story for a while now, unless there is something mammoth worth mentioned.