By now, most of you will have seen that the fourth category to go live and accept your nominations is the Young Person of 2013 category, and it seems you all like it as there has been a great response to that so far!

We felt that despite the unfair negative view many people have of the 16-24 year old population, they do a great deal of hard work for many companies up and down our industry and we thought that they should be recognised for their efforts! If your company has a star team member that is 16-24 and you think that the work they do deserves to be rewarded we urge you to put their name forward. It is hard for young people starting out on their career path when times are as difficult as these, so seeing their name in the running for a gorgeous glass and aluminium trophy would be a nice little boost!

Remember, before you’re eligible to nominate, you must first register AND confirm your registration in the email you will be sent! Click here:

Also a quick note, the National Fenestration Awards are at the NOMINATION stages only. Just like any other awards, like the Oscars or the Golden Twits, nominations must be put forward for a short list to be created. The closing date for nominations are on May 31st, at which time we will close the voting in order for us to compile the short lists. Short lists will then be announced gradually in the same manner as in the nomination categories.

Remember: you CAN enter yourself, only once, per award. It’s the up to the industry to submit any further nominations. So, rally the troops, get everyone involved and make sure you or your company makes it to the final stages!

On a different but unrelated subject, we are receiving plenty of inquiries for sponsorship slots on the NFA website. There is plenty of space, but if you want your company to been on the site before everyone else gets there (which they will), you need to get in contact with us so we can help boost the presence of your business online. It’s not just ad space that is available, there is a coordinated PR package that comes with it which is like no other. More information here:  please use the contact form to get in touch with us!

Last few points to round off:

  • There ARE lovely 3D glass trophies to be won at the end of this!
  • As we are new, there won’t be a big bash this year, however, if the industry supports us and gets behind us, there will be the funds to do something fun and exciting next year!
  • Nominations WILL close on May 31st! If you miss your chance you will have to wait until the short lists go live. Make sure your nominee doesn’t miss out on a chance to get to the final stage!
  • The site will grow and evolve over the coming weeks and months, so keep coming to back see some funky new additions!