A rated window google search graph

The graph above is a Google Trends generated graph for the search term “A rated windows”. Looking at the graph, 2010 was a big year for WER’s. And from then on, it has seen a nice steady rise.

What this graph demonstrates is that potential customers are getting to know about our products a little better, becoming more knowledgeable about what is out there in the market place so they know what they need to search for. Obviously this graph was generated using the term “A rated windows”. In reality people will be adding a location on to the end of that term, but what is clear is that “A rated windows” and similar terminology is now well embedded within people’s search criteria, which can only mean good things for those companies pushing the energy efficiency message.

This is good. This is what we want. As an industry, we want the consumer out there to know about things like Window Energy Ratings and the energy efficiency of our products. By the consumer doing their homework, it makes our tasks of selling such products and ideas that little bit easier. It also cuts out any potential confusion brought on by explaining such things. What is going to be interesting to see however is how the consumer reacts to the expected ‘A+’ energy rating soon to be announced by the BFRC. After seemingly just getting used to knowing about ‘A rated windows’, it may take a little time for the new rating to sink in.

However, do a wider search on other services within our industry, and the graph makes for underwhelming reading:

2013 Trends Graph

The most standout feature of that graph is how conservatories seems to have just gradually fallen off a cliff into nothing. Interest in the search term now stands at a quarter compared to it’s peak of 100 between 2004/2005. Again, this is a rather generic term so a pinch of salt has to be applied to these results. But I’m fairly confident that this is an accurate barometer of the consumer’s genuine interests. Therefore it is noteworthy to mention that triple glazing, the apparent next big thing in our industry, still is making very little impact when you compare it to double glazing and conservatory searches. Triple glazing still has a long way to go before the general public starts to actively search the product out.

The key here is to acknowledge that consumers’ web searches are becoming more specific, and make sure all your online resources are optimised to make the most of that. That means either getting yourself knowledged up and doing it yourself, or paying someone good to do it for you! The web is becoming more and more important. Don’t get left behind!