I’ll be honest, before myself and Nick launched the Cool Wall on the National Fenestration Awards website, we were a bit nervous as to whether it would work or not. We had both seen the growing popularity of installers and manufacturers posting images of their work from their Twitter accounts. But we didn’t know whether this trend would transfer over to a new platform.

Thankfully, it has, and it has been more popular than we thought it would be. When we launched the Cool Wall we put on a few images of our own to get started, like a guide for people to know what to do. Since then, we have had 17 brand new images uploaded to the Cool Wall!


Cool Wall

There have been some real beauties uploaded to the wall. There really are some fantastic installations out there and the companies who have posted these images should be proud of the work they have done.

The Cool Wall should be a place where we can show off some of the best our industry has to offer, whether it be residential or commercial.

How the Cool Wall works is simple: register with the NFA’s for free. Then upload an image (max 2mb in size), write a short description of the job pictured, then upload. Done! Your image will then be added to the wall after moderation and will be left for the industry to vote on how ‘cool’ they think your installation is based on a 5-star rating. 1 being seriously un-cool, 5 being sub-zero!

Each person can vote once per image, so no abusing the system! At the end of each month, we will be adding up all the votes cast and announcing a winner! The winner gets free promotion on the site! Then it all starts again in May and so on.

It is just a bit of fun, and something everyone can take part in. With a decent prize at the end of it. Not bad to say this is all FREE! While on the Cool Wall though, do remember to take part in the awards overall. We are at the nominations stage at the moment and every week we release new categories for you all to take part in. If you have already registered to take part in the Cool Wall, you don’t need to do it again. Just head on over the to the awards list and feel free to nominate in as many as you wish!

The response to both the Cool Wall and the awards overall has been great, and continues to grow. We would like to thank everyone that has taken part so far in the awards, whether it be the Cool Wall or in nominations. True dedication to the industry! For those yet to take part in the nominations stage, it WILL close at midnight on May 31st. So to make sure you’re choices make it to the final short lists, make sure you get your nominees down now!

Go to the awards: http://www.fenestrationawards.co.uk/