Things seems to be gearing up nicely for the FiT Show now which opens their doors Tuesday next week. It also looks like Wednesday is going to be the main day for the show, with most I have spoken to arriving on that day. Might be a few hangovers on Thursday!

So, there have been a few things I have needed to do in order to make sure I am not the most poorly attired person there.

I have organised a dinner suit. The Gala dinner is a black tie event, however, in the spirit of honoring my Twitter account or the National Fenestration Awards, I have the choice between Inch High Private Eye green or sky blue! I also have a black one in reserve but I do think black is a bit boring. So what colour should I go for?

I have had my barnet cut. It wasn’t that particularly long, but if we are to make a good impression, neat hair is key! You lot are quite vain so I have to make the effort!

Shoes still need to be polished. This can be done at the last minute!

I have all relevant paperwork printed off. Remember this guys, if you’re name’s not on the list, you’re not coming in!

Think that’s it…

On a more serious note, Wednesday is looking like it is going to be the main day at the FiT Show. From what people have said on Twitter, most are making the effort to get down there on Wednesday. I would have stayed the second day but unfortunately time and the family business are constraints on that.

I do hope to meet some of you who read this site, as well as those who talk to me on Twitter. I’m probably going to run into a few of you who I’ve managed to wind up during the time on this blog. So, should be fun! See y’all Wednesday!

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