We are delighted to launch the National Fenestration Awards Cool Wall whereby everyone can show their installations and products to the entire industry. You will see a handful of images we have uploaded to get the cool wall started.

Welcome to The National Fenestration Awards Cool Wall.The Cool Wall is here for the entire industry no matter what you do, to show your products, your installations and your service.  It will show your company name and you can describe the image and/or what you do as a company.

We have said from the outset the the National Fenestration Awards are your awards and for the industry as a whole.

What better way than for everyone involved to upload pictures of their installations and show what can be done with windows, doors, glass, screens and more.

If you are a Systems Company, please take the opportunity to show your products.  There are bound to be installers looking at taking on a new product and this is an excellent way to promote your door and window systems.

If you are a fabricator that supplies the trade, here you can give yourselves some publicity and demonstrate your expertise in fabrication, especially if you have manufactured anything bespoke, complex or in special colours.

Are you an installer? What better way to show people what you have done by way of installations, no matter how large or small.

Are you a glass company, hardware company or powder coater for example? Have you done any special work with your products? Please show the industry what you have done for your customers.

The Fenestration Awards Cool Wall will be held monthly with the winner announced from all the ratings received.

You will also receive publicity on twitter and the winner will receive additional free promotion of the installation or the product on this website on www.aluminiumtradesupply.co.uk and www.fenestrationawards.co.uk

It’s not often publicity is free! Please take part in the cool wall, please rate and leave comments on the images uploaded by your colleagues in this industry.  Let us use the Cool Wall as a way to get the industry talking with each other and demonstrate the excellent quality work carried out every day in Fenestration.

If you have not already done so, please register on the website to enable you to upload to the Cool Wall and please don’t forget to nominate for the categories already live.

We sincerely hope you like the Fenestration Awards Cool Wall and will take part.  As always thank you for your participation and please leave feedback.