Times are changing in our industry. The flow of money that once used to ebb quite freely is quickly drying up. Profit margins are increasingly tighter and less and less fat every year. There just isn’t the amounts of money now in our industry as there used to be. Therefore, the use of the various budgets within a company and how they are spent are vitally important, now more than ever.

One of the most important budgets within a company is the marketing budget. It’s that money which gets the image of the company out there to the rest of the world and their customers. Therefore, the correct strategy must be decided if it is to be spent wisely. As most of you will know, and this site is testament to this, I am a firm believer that online is the most important platform when it comes to marketing now.

Read whatever report you find and it will tell you that year on year, since the internet began, the money spent on online advertising has risen without fail. Read plenty of other reports out there and they will also tell you that when it comes to online readership and general activity, it has also risen year on year, without fail. And, importantly, through ALL age groups.

So, given this sustained and strong growth of online marketing, it is vital that within any marketing budget, a decent proportion of money is given to that facet of the strategy. Maybe even a majority share depending on the type of business.

Still, it’s not as simple as just appointing money. It has to be spent correctly. Whilst it’s important to have an effective and highly impacting website, the business also has to get it’s name and imagery out there, in the right places, to make sure it has the best chance of attracting new and valuable customers. There’s no point in having the best web space in the world then not telling everyone it’s there!

One of the biggest advantages online advertising gives you is you can accurately measure the success (or failure) of the ad campaigns you run. Click thru’s and hits can be recorded. Take the MyTradeTV advert on here for example. The ad has been on since February 28th 2012. In the time since then and up to the writing of this post, their advert has been clicked a total of 10494 times. That works out at 807.23 clicks per month, 201.8 per week and 28.83 per day. I don’t think that anyone can argue that these are poor figures. You simply cannot get these sorts of numbers and analysis from print.

Then there is cost. Online ad platforms tend to have very little in terms of overheads which means the cost of advertising online is often cheaper than print, and you get far more for your money. The inherent rising costs involved with print media means that at some point soon, we could see some of our industry magazines struggling to keep the presses going.

I’m not saying that print doesn’t have it’s place, because it does. In fact I would say that most companies are subscribed to almost every magazine the industry has to offer. However, what companies need to consider is that the online side of our industry is growing at a very fast pace, therefore that is where the most reading within our industry will take place. Marketing budgets need to be altered to make sure our industry’s businesses make the most of these new opportunities.

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