The upcoming relaxations to the planning laws seems to be splitting opinion. And both arguments have their merits.

Some are arguing that a relaxation of the planning laws will make it easier for homeowners to go for the conservatory or extension they have always wanted but have been put off doing it because of all the red tape involved. Therefore boosting our industry and the construction industry overall.

Others are saying that by allowing detached properties to build out up to 8 metres, it gives homeowners the ability to build monstrosities and cause disputes with neighbours. However, my last post on this subject did explain that the revised changes now include measures to force homeowners to notify their local council as to any proposed works, who will then notify their nieghbours, giving them a chance to appeal of they don’t like the sound of what is being proposed.

Still, this is an issue which is polarising  our industry, with both proponents and opponents. So, as you can see on the right hand side of the site, I have put a simple poll. I don’t like to so these much as for some reason not a lot of you take part! But, on an issue as big as this, it would be great to know what our industry thinks of Mr Pickles MP’s idea. Personally, I think it could be a good thing and will benefit our industry. So I have started things off by clicking the ‘Benefits the industry’ option.

The poll will run to the end of June to allow for a more accurate opinion. I hope you will all take part!