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Peers Support Revised Planning Laws

Good news! After a House of Lords debate on Monday, the peers have decided that Eric Pickles' revised planning laws are something that they can back. Albeit after a little bit more tinkering is done! One of the Peers, Lord True, who had previously raised objections with the original plan, has said that this is [...]

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Revised Planning Laws: Good Or Bad?

The upcoming relaxations to the planning laws seems to be splitting opinion. And both arguments have their merits. Some are arguing that a relaxation of the planning laws will make it easier for homeowners to go for the conservatory or extension they have always wanted but have been put off doing it because of all [...]

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Eric Pickles Presents Revised Planning Laws

In a previous post on this subject, I had mentioned that the watered down planning laws Eric Pickles has tried to bring to Parliament might include a reduction of the originally proposed plans to allow detached properties 8m extensions and all other dwellings 6m. It appears from the latest reports that these 8m and 6m [...]

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Revised Planning Permission Changes On The Cards

Remember Eric Pickle's plans a few months ago to significantly relax planning laws? Well we all rejoiced at first. I think we all thought "finally, something going our way", but it wasn't as simple as that. As the pennies started to drop, it started to become clear that this wasn't the golden nugget we were [...]

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Councils To Rebel Against New Planning Relaxtion Plans

Well, despite the great fanfare from the Goverment last month about their new plans to relax planning laws to almost nothing to try to boost the country's flagging economy, it looks like the plans look set to fail even before MP's get a chance to vote on it. Since the idea was announced in September, [...]

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Would Relaxed Laws Fuel The Black Market?

TrustMark, the government backed quality mark for tradesmen, recently said this about the proposed plans to relax the current planning laws: There has been much talk of how this new housing plan could help fuel the economy, and there’s no doubt that anything that gets Britain building again is a very good move. But our [...]

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