So, as you can see on the right hand side, my little poll has drifted past the 200 clicks mark. So thanks to all those that took part!

Though this is not a total industry representation and more of a quick snap poll, the clear majority thinks that the proposed changes to the Planning laws will do more harm than good. This has surprised me as I am in the positive camp where I think providing the system is regulated well enough and all sides given a fair chance, it could provide a nice little boost to the much dilapidated construction sector.

It is at this point I want to clarify something. I have been asked why I haven’t put a “not sure” option in there. This is simple because I wanted people to really think about it before they made their choice. I’ve sometimes found a “not sure” options has made choosing a bit lazy, I wanted something which was forced to be a bit more accurate, which I think I have got. I could be wrong of course, but that’s the way I see it!

I am going to run this poll up until the end of June then do a more analysed breakdown of the results. However, if there is cause for the poll to run longer i.e. changes and tweaks to the proposal which make a significant difference to opinion, I’ll keep it running longer!

Again, thanks to those who have taken part so far. And to those that haven’t, take a look at my latest post about the proposed planning changes and then cast your own vote!