You could be excused for associating the phrase “Team Building” with thoughts of highly paid executives running round in fields firing paint ball pellets at one another, or jumping out of imaginary hot air balloons as a part of developing trust. In the case of UAP and Chase Taylor Recruitment however “Team Building” meant exactly what it said.

As with most recruitment companies Chase Taylor’s brief from a client is to find a suitable person to fill a specific role. When the call came to recruit a complete sales team the challenge became entirely different.

Mat Gibson Managing Director of Chase Taylor continues “When Dave Jennings from UAP called me and asked if we could help him to build a complete sales team I knew that there would be challenges to face; not only would we have to recruit competent people to fill each of the four roles he outlined, but we would need to ensure that those four were not recruited in isolation, but very much as a part of a team. It was important in looking at candidates that we not only took into account their skills to ensure that they would be complimentary to one another, but equally that their personalities would be complimentary to one another in a team dynamic”.

Being asked to fill a single role or even two roles for a company is not uncommon, but to be asked to build a complete team is very unusual. As recruitment company dedicated solely to the window and door industry Chase Taylor was the natural choice for UAP to take on this task. Their extensive knowledge of the industry coupled to their renowned portfolio of high quality candidates put them in a unique position to help UAP build its team, and to play a major role in helping the company to shape its future.

Dave Jennings Managing Director of UPA takes up the story “There are many recruitments agencies we have used who have talked the talk, and when it comes down to it all they want to do is foist on you their stock candidates with little regard as to whether there is a match, or whether it achieves both parties’ goals”.

Chase Taylor makes a refreshing change and has re-established my faith in the recruitment industry. They listened to what we thought we wanted, and then with joint discussions we developed a total strategy to what we wanted to achieve and why”.

They then presented candidates pre-screened against the strategy we had developed. The end result is that we have now taken on a National Sales Team, overhauled the internal team and have in place a strategy that will be our bedrock for the next 5 years. The team is formidable. So if you want just a recruitment agency then there are loads of companies who will queue up to take your money”.

But if you want a company that thinks outside of the box, and does exactly what they say they will, then give Chase Taylor a call. Chase Taylor is a recruitment agency that instinctively knows what you want and is able to provide it for you.”

First to be recruited was National Sales Manager Dee Chamberlain and her immediate involvement was to work with Chase Taylor to select the rest of the team.

Being national sales manager for the team I had a particular interest in not only the skills of the individual team members, but how they would work as a group.  Chase Taylor carefully and skilfully put a series of candidates in front of me who were clearly committed to the sector, had shown long term commitment to previous companies, and who had a distinct background in hardware.  These were the characteristics I wanted in the people we were going to bring in to form a team which would take UAP to the next level, and to help us achieve long term sustainable growth we were planning for. Chase Taylor’s professionalism, focus and most importantly openness and honesty from the start made dealing with them very easy, and it was this approach which enabled us to work together to get the team we have”

It is a significant commitment to ask a recruitment company to source a whole team, and underlines the importance in today’s market of choosing the right partner to invest your time, money, and faith in. Recruitment has a cost attached to it, but not as much as the cost of employing somebody. Ensuring that you get the right person to fit into your company and who will deliver against your expectations from the outset is vital; using a dedicated industry resource should be the first step in helping you to achieve this.