My good friend @PhilSirr again pointed me to another useful news article, again on the Green Deal. Except this time the article reports of the first bits of evidence that the scheme is going back on it’s promises to those companies getting involved.

Enact Energy, a Cornish firm that had been one of the first of a group of 22 companies to sign up to be a Green Deal provider, has gone into administration. Begbies Traynor has been put in charge of the process. Back in October 2012 the company had won a £100m contract with the Residential Landlords Association to fit Green Deal work to all their properties.

enact energy

Yet, despite such a large contract, the company has been unable to stay afloat. This is possible evidence that despite Government promises of the scheme providing good extra work for those taking part, Green Deal just isn’t working. It isn’t working on a residential basis and it now appears that large scale commercial work doesn’t seem to be functioning all that well either.

This will come as a big blow to the Government as Enact Energy was part of the very first group of companies to sign up to become an official Green Deal provider. Now that one of the pioneers of the scheme is in sever trouble, this could send negative vibes through the rest of the provider community.

Could this be the first nail in the Green Deal coffin? Who knows. Probably not. The Government is currently looking at ways in which to prop up the ailing initiative and investigate new ways to generate interest and confidence both in the general public and the industries getting involved.

Enact has been in business since 1996 and have worked with over 100 local authorities. Their client base also included companies like Tesco and M&S. This is a big company to go to the wall and will be a big blow for the Green Deal scheme.