The aluminium uptake amongst companies that previously sold only plastic windows continues its upward trend with yet more reports highlighting the increase in aluminium products.  The plastic window companies that continue to comment that aluminium is cold, condensating, doesn’t meet current energy requirements and suitable only for the commercial market are simply backward companies, misleading the customer and not giving them the opportunity to make an informed choice.

Bespoke Glass extensions such as this demonstrate perfectly where aluminium is the preferred option.

The reality is that the intelligent forward thinking installation companies are doing a great job in selling Aluminium windows.  Whilst Aluminium doors, particularly bifolds, patios and the continuing architectural “theme” in many residential build projects is a motivating factor for many installation companies that are realising they need to move away from the hyper competitive plastic window market and move into latest generation products.

Aluminium has rarely been subjected to the anecdotal perception of the double glazing industry.

Often the plastic window industry will moan about crazy prices, fantastic too good to be true discounts and the general frustration with their local competition of “how can they sell windows at that price”? Whilst the decision of what to sell a window for and whether to buy work or go in at low margins is down to the individual window company, the fact is aluminium is rarely subjected to this kind of selling like plastic windows are.  Is it largely the companies that only do plastic windows and cheap foam filled composite doors that contribute to this anecdotal perception of the window industry? We think so.

A news article by an aluminium trade fabricator on their website says:

There are some key economic factors that have contributed to aluminium’s renaissance. The recession in 2008 polarised consumers – cheap credit became no longer available, affecting consumers with less purchasing power and slowing demand for mass consumption products such as standard PVC-u windows.

This, this is actually a valid point and reinforces again that aluminium is rarely subjected to discounting and companies seemingly fighting like mad for the customer order like they do with white plastic!

Recent years have demonstrated that homeowners are choosing to remain in their existing properties, improving and extending as much as budgets will allow with home improvements and aluminium glazing of higher value such as proper built extensions rather that plastic bolt on conservatories, bifolding doors, lantern roofs, skylights and more.  Ultraframe launching the Loggia modular system is testament to the way that home improvements have shifted.

These savvy consumers are now choosing aluminium over plastic windows thanks to increased awareness of the advantages of aluminium over plastic, not least simple aesthetics and inherent strength. Our article on simple aesthetics explains why here.

Plastic windows will always have their place however those installers who continue to moan about “the state of the market” you will quickly notice are companies that only deal in plastic windows.  They may claim that there is no demand for aluminium in their area, but frankly this is not the case.  If  you can demonstrate the advantages of the product to a consumer honestly and properly, aluminium will sell itself.