If you haven’t already seen, the proud winners of the National Fenestration Awards May Cool Wall was @originbifolds with this very deserving installation:

Origin bi-fold may

Keep an eye out on the National Fenestration Awards website for some more news about Origin Bi-Folds and what they do!

We are now pleased to say we have pressed the reset button and the June Cool Wall is now live! If you think you have an installation that is cool enough to be up there, click here to go to the June Wall and upload your image. The more star ratings you get the better the chance you could win some free promotion on the NFA website!

The Cool Wall is now into it’s third month and has been a great addition to the site. We came up with the idea after seeing so many of you posting images of your installations on Twitter. But the problem with Twitter is that these images get very quickly lost down in people’s time lines. So, we created the Cool Wall. A place where people could freely upload images for people to view and vote on. They don’t get lost down a big list and they will always stay on the NFA site for people to browse through, on a month by month basis.

It is a chance for some free publicity and a great place to show off some of the quirky, bespoke and high end jobs we don’t always get to see. With the added bonus of free promotion if you are lucky enough to be voted a winner at the end of the month!

Anyone can upload an image. OMB’s, installers, manufacturers and suppliers of all material types. Get involved. It’s free and a bit of fun!