This is not a joke! Britain has finally got some summer to cheer about! The last few days have been glorious. It has been nice to not arrive in the office with a dozen layers on and a massive overcoat! We’ve even turned the heating off in the office. It feels like it’s been on forever!

Weather is a very important thing when it comes to business in Britain. It affects our shopping habits as much as the financial climate does and this is important. When it rains or there is a lack of decent sunshine, our coastal towns who rely on tourism suffer. Footfall on our high streets drops when the weather is poor. Who wants to go shopping outside when it’s chucking it down? The same goes for our industry. When the weather is poor, such as the Winter we have just had, it really does put people off from making home improvement purchases.

But now the sun is out and whenever the sun is out and the heat starts to build people really do start getting in the mood to carry out works to their property. And it has shown. Last month for us has been the best month by far all year and one of our all time best May’s. Many of the customers we spoke to explained that they were putting off going ahead with the work until the weather had improved. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t have had the work done either.

The summer is finally here though and we have been treated to quite a long spell (long for British standards) of dry, warm and bright weather. All being well this will continue to spur on the general public into making new window and door purchases and maybe a few more glazed extensions!

Make the most of the fine weather people! This is probably our Summer and we should all be taking advantage of it!