In an effort to make the National Fenestration Awards as simple as possible to be part of, we have an idea we would like to put to you: Nominate/Vote Via Twitter.

As with anything new, you have to take criticism and advice as you go along. Learn, adapt and change to suit the feedback you are getting. We know that a lot of you out there in the industry are online, and probably on social media like Twitter. Therefore, we propose a very simple idea that will allow you to take part in the National Fenestration Awards without having to register on the website first.

The idea is simple: follow @NatFenAwards Twitter account and we will follow you back. Following must be reciprocal to send Direct Messages! Once following, send a private/direct message or ‘DM’ to the @NatFenAwards account with your nomination and in which award category. That’s it! The same judging rules apply. The most nominated people/companies will make it through to the short lists stage later on. All nominations made via Twitter will be kept private.

This is still in the planning, with a few things to iron out first. But, if initial feedback is positive and there are indications that you will take part, then we will trial this up until the end of the nominations process which is May 31st. If successful, we shall implement it again in the short lists phase in the second half of this year.

All comments and feedback welcome!