This week has certainly seen some extremes in our weather. From the hottest day since 2006 to violent thunderstorms you only normally see in more tropical climates around the world. And it was these thunderstorms which saw many lightning strikes hit the UK homes, and in a lot of unfortunate cases, cause many fires.

We normally tend to think of fires being spread from the inside of a property, caused by faulty electrics or household accidents. But it is also the weather, when extreme enough, that can also pose a risk to property and life. Though the nature if out of our control, there are things we can do and products we can fit to ensure that safety and life is given it’s best chance possible.

UAP, one of the UK’s leading locks and door hardware stockists and specialists, have developed a vital and high quality fire check range of products that, God forbid, will stand the heat and hold up against fire for 60 minutes.

Anti-Vandal Letterplates

  • Conform to BS/EN 1374:2002
  • Non heat absorbing washers are used to hold the attaching metal fixings to stop heat transfer from the metal plate to the surrounding door.
  • Framemaster – MPSS, Gold Anodised, Black Powder Coat, White Powder Coat, Satin Silver Anodised and PVD Gold
  • Stainless Steel (Nanocoast) – PVD Gold and MPSS
  • All Aluminium – Black flap and frame, Gold Anodised, White flap and frame, Silver anodised flap and frame

Architectural Door Closer

  • 2 Valve adjustment to incorporate closing and latching speeds
  • Universal applications – none handed for standard door jamb
  • Parallel or corner bracket fit and installation
  • Size 3 (parallel arm bracket included)
  • Meets EN 1154 1996 +A1 2002
  • Meets EN 1634 FD Timber/FD 240 Steel

Door Viewers

  • Comply with DHF TS 02:2009 standards
  • Secure by design
  • Fire Check Viewer, 180 degree view – Satin Chrome, Brass and Chrome finishes
  • Secure to view, Ultra wide angle – gold and silver finishes

Lots of detail there in these products, but it’s the small details which make a vital difference when it comes to holding off fires for as long as possible.

There is one very key component to all of these Fire Check products and that is something called an intumescent lining. It is this lining that expands against the heat of a fire and prevents the fire spreading for a full hour. It is that extra 60 minutes which could determine a person’s life.

Getting technical again, it is this intumescent strip, which measures at just 1.8mm thick, that expands to 50 times it’s original size to plug any gaps there might be. This is what helps stop the fire from spreading. By the time it is fully expanded, the strip measures 90mm.

To make things official, the UAP Fire Check Range has a 60 Minute fire test certificate from the Warrington Fire Research Centre.

And something else to look out for in the future, UAP have 30 minute fire rated door hardware, especially designed for foam filled composite door.

As far as fire-resistant products go, this is a range that is very impressive and some of the best I’ve seen. The attention to detail, such as the non heat absorbing washers in the letterplates demonstrates that UAP really have thought about everything when it comes to this sort of thing, and take fire safety seriously.

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