I don’t often get to share funny stories on here, but if you saw a few tweets of mine on Monday, you’ll know what this is about!

Monday was a rather hectic day, which started off late morning with a rather large thunderstorm just after we had finished fitting some new conservatory roof sheets. Down came some almighty rain and pretty large cracks of thunder accompanied by some spectacular flashes of light. Then it passed. But just as we were about to return to being productive, we noticed the neighbour’s dog had somehow managed to climb through a very small gap and make it’s way into our yard.

At the time, my brother had gone to turn off a tap which automatically pumps water out of a well we have near our conservatories. No idea why but the dog started chasing my brother back into the office! this dog is a German Shepard by the way so it’s not a small animal by any means.

So, my brother manages to get back into the office with his legs intact, but the dog starts wondering what to do, and then wanders up the yard and out on to the street. Being the nice guy that I am I grab my brolly (it’s still lightning at this point) and go to try and find it.

I turn the corner and it has found it’s way back into the front drive, but with their massive from gate open. So, I think it best to go knock on the front door to say that their dog had got out, got into our yard through their broken fence and to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But the dog is clearly spooked by the noise and is rather agitated. It starts to bark at me, but I didn’t think anything of it…until it bit me good and proper on my arse!

Damn that hurt! German Shepards have big teeth and a bloody great big jaw! I turned round and give it some abuse. Which seemed to work actually as it then just sat down about 4 feet away from me as I rapidly knocked at the front door to try and inform the tennant about what happened.

Unfortunately, they weren’t in. Which meant I had to now make my way past this dog which had already bit me. Thankfully it had calmed down. It still had a bit of a growl but it knew I wasn’t a threat anymore.

That was the first time I had been properly bit by a dog. Most of the time when I see customer’s dogs they love me. I sometimes get along better with them than some customers! But due to the nature of the situation, this chap was on edge. Luckily, no skin was broken and no blood spilled. Just a sore bum and a daft story to tell!