Here is a guest post from industry favorite Ben Warren. This is something I really would not do, but good luck to him!

Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to Glazing Blogger for letting me post this article on his website, really appreciate the help in spreading the word.

I am doing a Skydive from 15,000ft for a local Bristol charity the Darren Wright Foundation. They offer financial help, practical everyday support and give children and their families a voice against cuts and legislation change. If you want to read more on this well deserving charity please follow the link below:

Or there is a quick synopsis of the foundation to read here:

When a parent looks down at their child, questions about their future are never far away. Who are they going to take after? Mum or dad? What are they going to be when they grow up? A doctor or a lawyer? All these questions and those of similar ilk are asked with a wry smile and excitement for what the future holds.

Now replace these questions with how long will my child live? How we will cope with their disability? What will their quality of life be like? These questions and more are on the lips of so many parents, their children diagnosed at birth, through illness or injury whatever the cause the concerns of every parent are the same.

Every child regardless of disability or illness deserves a high quality of life and the chance to achieve their dreams; their parents deserve reassurance and advice.

We offer financial help in the form of grants, practical everyday support and give children and their families a voice against cuts and change. If you believe in our ethos please feel free to become involved in whatever capacity you choose.

Together we can create a better society.”

My fund raising aim for this is £395.00 but this will basically cover the cost of the skydive and event organisation, so I am setting myself a personal target of £1000.00. Now with myself (@LegacyWindows) having over 2000 Twitter followers and Double Glazing Blogger (@GlazingBlogger) having over 2600, if just every other follower can donate £1 I can easily surpass my target.

You can donate in the following ways:

  1. The Old Fashioned way – if you can send a cheque for your donation to our office address for my attention (Legacy Windows Ltd, Omega House, 3a Flowers Hill, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5JJ) and I will pay into my JustGiving account.
  1. Visit my JustGiving page and donate via secure web payment:

  1. TEXTING BWSD57 £XXX to 70070. And don’t forget to claim Gift Aid to increase your donation by 25%, at no extra cost to you! (the XXX is your donation amount)

Every donation I receive will get a personal thank you on my personal Facebook page, and also our company Facebook and Twitter accounts, so your donation to this great cause will give you some excellent publicity.

Every little bit helps however small, so please dig deep people!