Well, if you have seen on my Twitter account over the last couple of days, you will have seen that me and Soph have finally had some good news given to us about finding a house!

After seeing an independent mortgage advisor about what we could possibly afford, he came back with some very disappointing figures. We had dome some rough research of our own, so we had some idea of what we thought we could afford. However, we got some really crap figures.

So, we decided to go have a chat with our bank. We had a feeling that because we had banked with them for years, had all our accounts with them, they might be more helpful. So, after a meeting on Friday morning with one of their mortgage advisors, the numbers they were coming up with were far better than we got from the independent.

What that meeting confirmed was that we can actually afford to move into our own place pretty quickly, into a place that is relatively decent too. It was the first bit of good news on the housing front we have had in ages. Up to now it has either been “no” or “probably not”. It felt like we really weren’t getting anywhere.

But, with the bank confirming we can genuinely afford our own place, we can now start looking at places with a view to seriously put offers in. This is where it gets exciting for me and Soph and we can’t wait to get started!

Any tips and advice on this subject are absolutely welcome!