There are a few reasons why I decided to launch a forum on this website. There will probably be some readers of this site who remember the old GlassTalk forum which shut down a while ago now. That was a fairly big forum which for a time attracted a few hundred users and generally quite good interaction. Until the usual cliques got involved, then the general discussion was limited to about 12 different people and it got very stale pretty quickly.

There is another forum site out there,, which has been around for quite a while, and also does some pretty good company bankruptcy coverage. But it has recently suffered from spam topics and comments.

So, I thought there was still room online for a place where people can talk about the industry, and various other topics. Hence, I started the DGB Forum.

I have always wanted to carry on expanding the DGB site as a whole. I want it to become a place where industry news is talked about, and sometimes broken. The site started out as a place to air my opinions of the industry, but it has grown into something far more than that now. It’s always nice when people leave a comment on the post of the day. But the forum section provides a place for people to start their own conversations about other subjects, not just the ones I talk about.

As the site evolves, I will try different things. Some will work, some won’t. The rule I have applied to the forum is that after a couple of months, if there isn’t much activity on there, I will pull it down. However, if it is well used and discussion continues to flow fairly regularly, then I’ll keep it up there.

One positive thing to note about the forum already is that a consumer seems to have found it and used it to ask a question about the Green Deal. I don’t usually get consumers on DGB much, but if the forum can attract a slightly different audience on top of the one it already has, then it can only be a good thing.

The subject of cyber bullying has been an unfortunate subject of late, and I covered it in a post the other day. So this makes a good time to explain the rules. I will moderate the forum at all times. However, I didn’t want people to have to register to take part in it. We have to register for everything these days. So what this does mean is that anyone can leave a comment or start a new thread about anything. Please don’t abuse it. If I find anything offensive or abusive it will be taken down and I will find the user via the ISP address. People forget they can be found by this so don’t think I won’t be able to catch you! Also, no libelous comments. I have been in enough bother in the past and I don’t want other people’s comments doing the same to me and themselves. By all means ruffle a few feathers, I know Nige will! No abusive language or swearing please either! Keep it above the belt ;-)

Hopefully you will all come to use the forum at some point. Happy reading!