We’re at the start of September and it’s as if someone has put the plug back into Britain again! Schools have gone back, Parliament is back in session (properly this times), newspapers seem to be getting less daft, construction is up again and GDP was revised up to 0.7% growth for last quarter. I think it’s now safe to say the buzz is back!

Thinking about our industry, you can really tell. This last week has been absolutely mental for us. It has been a generally good year where the pace has been manageable. But now schools are back and clogging up our roads in a morning, parents are now remembering that they had quotes given to them about a month ago and need to start going ahead with them.

I know this is going to sound daft, and maybe it will annoy a few, but we’re not that far off Christmas when you think about it. We’re already one week deep into September and just think about how quick the year has gone already. But what I think we can look forward to is another strong end to the year like we had in 2012. After a long winter and a decent summer, both of which may have put some people off from slaving away doing home improvements, we may find that there is a fairly strong rush to make sure people’s windows and doors are bought and fitted before the weather takes a turn for the worse.

But there is definitely a buzz back in the window industry now. I can see by looking at my timeline. Lots of positive tweets and plenty of pictures showing off the industry’s best work.

Do you agree? Do you think we’ll get a late pre-xmas rush? Comments as always are welcome below.