This isn’t going to be a post about what I find annoying about this industry itself. I already cover that base very well. No, this is going to be a post about what I find irritating that comes with this job.

“It’s alright, I’m in engineering”

That is one of those quotes that makes me both cringe and winds me up at the same time. It’s one of those types of sentences that people who work in some sort of engineering or in the building trade reel off when you meet them. I hate it. I feel like saying to them: ‘oh, you’re “in the trade” are you? Then I am clearly wasting my time being here. Here, there is my tape measure, I’ll just sit down while you do my job for me!’

Obviously I can’t say something like that, as it wouldn’t be very professional. But it’s one of those remarks which basically says that you’re only selling to them because the only thing they can’t do is fit them.

Meetings To Arrange Meetings

I have been in many, many meetings in my glazing career so far. And one of the mos telling things that come as a result of these meetings are yet more meetings. I don’t know if it’s just me, but all I seem to hear at meetings are for more to be arranged. A lot of the time very little seems to get done. Which leads me nicely on to my next niggle…


Or lack of it. Why does it take so long to get things done in this industry? For example, Mark Warren once told me of his frustrations at how long it takes things at the GGF to be done, and for legislation and other changes to be made more widely. I think he told me of some law or change that took 3 years to implement!

This is one of my biggest frustrations, and probably is for a few others as well. We all have things in mind which we want to change, yet it takes so long to do so.

These issues aren’t necessarily the biggest problems in the industry, but they are some of the odd little things to do annoy me. I would be interesting to know what your small but irritating industry issues are. Comments welcome in the section below.