Origin Bi-Folds, a previous winner of the National Fenestration Awards Cool Wall, has done it again in August with this great installation:

A 9 door + 7 door set of Origin bi-fold doors installed into an indoor outdoor pool extension.

A 9 door + 7 door set of Origin bi-fold doors installed into an indoor outdoor pool extension.

I bet that pool was very well used this summer!

Another great installation and another worthy winner. We have already had four more fantastic images of work uploaded to the September Cool Wall and it’s ready to host more of your superb work. All jobs are welcome, both commercial and residential, timber, aluminium, steel, PVC and composite.

It has become a well established and great place to demonstrate some of the best work our industry is doing. But more than that, there is going to be an award at the end of the year for Coolest Installation Of The Year. People will get to vote on a year-end Cool Wall to pick what they think is the best looking installation of 2013. Not a bad result for just uploading a few images for free!

On a different note, if you don’t already know, entering nominations for shortlists for the National Fenestration Awards will close on September 30th. It is at this point that we will close the nomination functions and start to prepare the final shortlists. We are expecting to be able to make these shortlists live in early October, so that you all can then start voting for your winners.

Remember, the more that people nominate, the better the chance that you will see your nominees make it to the final stages! This is your chance to make sure you get your suggestions in and see potentially some brand new and well deserved people and companies rewarded for all their efforts and hard work! You can go straight to the National Fenestration Awards website here: http://www.fenestrationawards.co.uk/