I hope the Definitive Window Co won’t mind me referencing their tweet,  but when they tweeted that a customer was withholding a £2500 final payment due to them not putting two balls back on a curtain rail they took down to do the job. When I read that, that really was the very worst excuse for a customer not paying. Hugely unreasonable and frankly pathetic. If money wasn’t involved it would actually be comedy, and very embarrassing to think that a customer would think it is OK to withhold final payment for something as so ridiculous as that.

As far as I’m concerned, this yet another symptom of a buying public that thinks it is OK to abuse business is such a brazen and arrogant fashion, and I continue to blame TV for conditioning those people and Government after Government for not giving business enough protection against such infuriating circumstances.

But, rather than continue a rant, I want to know what the worst excuse for not paying you guys have ever come across. Leave them in the comments below and lets see if there is an even more stupid reason to not pay than the one Definitive Window Co was subjected to. Please leave all comments below.