There has been much debate this year over the various advantages of the main fenestration materials, namely PVC, timber and aluminium. Debate has at times boiled over into arguments, but it is a good sign that the passion in the industry is still there. It has sometimes looked like the industry is very fractured at times, with little cohesion. But in the past I have often cried out for the industry to become more united. So I’m exploring the question: can the industry be united and fractured at the same time?

All of you will be aware of the phrase “competition is good for business”. Well is it a good thing if the various material sectors are fighting against each other to promote their products? On a much smaller scale, the sales staff at our business have a healthy but competitive nature. I have found that is often spurs us all on to sell more so we can be top at the end of the week. So expanding that attitude to a much wider scale, across the UK, I think that if all areas of the industry are fighting hard to gain as much business as possible, then I think for the health of the industry overall it is a good thing.

I do also believe that a united industry can exist whilst maintaining a high level of competition. If the industry is mature and calm enough, I do believe that the sector can work more closely together to help tackle the issues of the day. There are topics out there like Green Deal, VAT and Part L revisions that I believe could benefit from a united industry working together to get the best result for itself.

Call it an uneasy understanding. I do believe that the industry can work together in a better and more productive way, whilst maintaining it’s heated and competitive nature. By being fiercely competitive and united at the same time, I think we can do far more business as an industry, whilst solving some of the more important issues of the day and the one coming up in the future.

Agree? Disagree? All comments welcome in the section below!