First impressions are everything, so we are told. And in this industry, just like in every other industry and day to day life, a person’s first impression is generally made in the first ten seconds of meeting someone. And in an industry which carries a reputation which goes before the company, first impressions are even more important.

Now at our place we pride ourselves on being as professional as possible. Part of that ethos involves us wearing suits. We are placed at the higher ends of the market, selling higher quality products at prices higher than the average. We believe that to help create an all round slick and professional image, smart and formal attire helps. Of course this wouldn’t suit every company. For example your trade outlets and OMB’s. You wouldn’t expect that sort of business to turn up suited and booted to a clients home or at a trade counter.

Wearing suits has been something we have always done since the business started. We have sometimes been told that it can look prohibitive to some people and may appear to over-egg the pudding, if you know what I mean. But I’ll be honest, since I started selling nearly 8 years ago, the most frequent comment I get is “it’s so nice to see a young man dress so smartly”. It clearly makes a difference and does demonstrate that even though some clients may expect to see some companies turn up in a van and scruffy company fleece, it doesn’t mean they like the impression that gives off.

Suits form just part of an overall strategy which aims to give off the most polished impression of our company as possible. Some decide to go down the route of branded work wear like shirts, t-shirts and fleeces for when it’s chilly. That is obviously a good tactic if the company forms part of a bigger one or a chain, but not if you’re a one off family business like ourselves. But it certainly better than silicone covered t-shirts and scruffy shoes.

Of course a suit doesn’t mean from the off that you’re professional and that the customer thinks so. Product presentation, manners and well kitted out showrooms also make a big difference. But if anyone was to ask me for a tip to help improve things at their gaff, if they’re not doing so already, suit up! It honestly does make a difference and helps to create a more premium image which is key of the products you are selling are at the premium end of the scale commanding premium money.

As always, there will be some of you who won’t agree, which is all good, so please leave your comments, for and against, in the section below.