Continuing my theme of small technical aspects of windows which annoy @BudeWindows  ;-), Wednesday’s topic of choice was inspired by what was an innocent tweet by @dempseydyer: “Part of the industry is still putting the argument across that externally beaded windows are less secure than internally beaded. Not true”

Oh my that did spark of some debates about the use of externally beaded windows! To set my stall out, I have always been taught that externally glazed windows are a risk, especially on PVC windows. I joined the industry 8 years ago and that is what I have been taught. Fitters have always told me that glazing tape on PVC windows doesn’t keep the burglars out, no matter what the manufacturers say, and I tend to believe them.

But the conservation today expanded to timber and aluminium windows as well. Peter Dyer explained that his externally beaded timber windows were tested to various standards which prevented burglars from removing the beads and taking the glass out. Nick Dardalis weighed in with his aluminium perspective. The consensus was heading down a road that a variety of clips and glazing tape seemed to do the trick at keeping the nasties out, whether PVC, aluminium or timber windows. Something about that made me a little uncomfortable.

When we think about residential installations, most of the general public know about the problem with externally beaded windows, especially on PVC windows. It has been well publicised how easy it is to remove PVC beads and take glass out externally. Yet it still baffles me how some PVC window installers continue to offer externally beaded windows. I can’t honestly think of a good enough reason to use them. I am not experienced enough in the aluminium and timber fields to make a detailed comment about their externally glazed options. But in an industry where internally glazed windows are quite readily available in any system, why even bother offering externally glazed windows?

I know on commercial jobs that the situation is different, but on residential I firmly believe that all windows should be internally beaded. I don’t believe that glazing tape and clips will prevent a determined burglar from getting in. I have had frequent conversations with our fitters about this sort of thing and they are insistent that no matter how many clips or tape is on there, they could be overcome, especially on PVC windows.

I cannot think of any practical reason as to why I would ever need to sell externally glazed windows to any of my customers. So, if there is something I’m missing, please leave it in the comments section below and I will be prepared to stand corrected!

There were other comments online today that if a good tape and clip is used, the unit will stay in. That is a perfectly reasonable statement, but then that very much relies on the person putting in the windows to know what they are doing. As with any product we sell, if it is put in poorly, the best product in the world is just as poor as the worst.

Moral of this post? Fit internally glazed windows. It’s just far easier and less hassle!