I asked a question on Twitter the other week. I asked if it was too early for me to start changing the Double Glazing Blogger website again. I was duly informed that I last made a site change March 29th. I didn’t realise that it was only 9 months ago since I made the change, it felt a bit longer than that.

However, I am the sort of person that cannot sit still, at least in terms of tinkering with things online. In hindsight, I really do wish that I had made the change to how you all see the site now in January, at the start of the year. I have always wanted to unveil a new version of the site at the start of every year, just as a way to welcome in the New Year and to keep DGB looking fresh and modern.

So I guess the question I’m asking you all is: is it too soon for me to change the site again? If I were to do so, it would be done right at the start of January, in time for when the industry gets back to work, and would be re-designed every 12 months. Or am I going over the top by wanting to change the look of the site on a fairly regular basis?

I am keen for the site to keep looking as up to date as possible. It means readers are less likely to get bored, and lets face it, it’s always nice having a snoop around a newly designed site. So, let me know in the comments section below if I should change it in January, then change it every January after that. Or, if I should just leave it alone and stop tinkering!