We all have them. Those customers who behave as though the world is at and end if the installation of their new windows are delayed, or the wrong type of door handle has been fitted. I understand that if their work encounters a hitch, but I don’t understand the reaction as though nothing is going to be done about it. As many of you will agree, we have spent most of our working lives carving a career out of what we sell now, but we also know that there are more important things.

We have seen two international events over the last few days. Firstly, the Remembrance services all over the world. Every year, these few days are spent commemorating the ultimate sacrifice so many millions of men and women have made in wars past and present. It’s a special time for many families up and down the UK and puts everything into perspective.

Secondly, the world has been horrified by the scale of death and destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. One of the most powerful storms on record, if not ever, tore across the islands bringing utter devastation and death. It is worth remembering that the Philippines are used to extreme weather events, but when 200mph winds reach the shore, there is very little humanity can do about it. We have all seen the tragically desperate humanitarian situation. Imagine yourself there, no food, no water, no home, no family. The typhoon wiped absolutely everything away. Now imagine the fuss a customer causes when their windows are a few days late.

Perspective is something customers often lack when purchasing something, I don’t know why. They have the idea that as soon as their money is handed over, it entitles them to whole host of unreasonable demands. Well maybe they should compare their situation to others in the world and learn to accept rather than complain.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe customers have it all right and their new windows and doors are the single most important things in the world. All comments welcome in the section below.